Serengeti is the only remaining natural grazing ecosystem to be found in the World. The vast open plains in the heart of the complex stretch away as far as the eyes can see and throb with life in an endless annual rhythm that is maintained by a migrating herd of 1.1 million gnu and the best known population of great predators, lions and spotted hyenas on the frontline to be found on earth. The giant Nile Crocodiles are awaiting their turns as the big migration enters their areas. The richness of the wild fauna of Serengeti is dazzling, but it is all living in the rhythm of the seasons…. Olli Marttila in his Book, The Great Savanna, 2011.

Park Information:
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[li]Established 1959 (Tanzania’s first (1st) national park).[/li]
[li]14,763 Sq. Km (5,700 Sq. Miles).[/li]
[li]1,200m to 2,000m height above sea level.[/li]
[li]335 km (208 miles) from Arusha.[/li]
[li]Borders Kenya in the North, and Lake Victoria to the West.[/li]
[li]Dry season from late May to October/November; Wet season from October/November to May. [/li]
What you will experience in Serengeti

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[li]Unique savannah ecosystem, with around two (2) Million big mammals, comprising essentially all the plain species in East Africa.[/li]
[li]The last natural grazing ecosystem in the World.[/li]
[li]The great and spectacular migration wonders covering over 600 miles every year. It is “The greatest wildlife show on earth”.[/li]
[li]Great natural beauty – vast open, grassy, plains, savannah environment dotted with thorn bushes/trees, dotted with clusters of kopjes.[/li]
[li]Very popular Park. Best time to see the big migration is from November/December to May. To see the predators – June to October.[/li]
[li]Spectacular game drives, Hot air balloon safaris, Maasai rock paintings & musical rocks.[/li]
[li]Simply the greatest wide – wild – wonder![/li]


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