Arusha National Park

A Gem among parks and a hiking destination

Arusha National Park – “A Gem amongst Parks and a hiking destination” Arusha National Park is small but contains an amazing diversity – grazing plains, swamps, lakes, mountain forest and volcanoes. The most striking features being Mount Meru, the second highest peak in the country; Momela Lakes and Ngurdoto Crater.

Information on the Park:

  • Established 1960.
  • 542 Sq. Km (205 Sq. miles). It is a small Park.
  • 1,450 above sea level (Momela Lake) to 4,566 m (Summit of Mt. Meru).
  • 60 Kms (35 miles) from Kilimanjaro International Airport. From Arusha 35 kms, will take an easy 40 minute drive from Arusha.

What you will experience at Arusha National Park

  • Natural diversity – Forests, mountains, open environments, lakes.
  • Guereza Colobus Monkey; Soda lake bird life.
  • Marvellous scenery; closeness to nature.
  • The physical challenge of climbing Mt. Meru.
  • Over 450 Bird species recorded in the park.
  • Game drives; canoeing on small Momela Lake; Guided hiking through the Mountain Forest.
  • Walking Safaris around the rim of Ngurdoto Crater.
  • Arusha Park can be visited in one day.
  • Climbing / Trekking Mount Meru – 4,566 Meters (will take up to three days).