Tanzania is a peaceful, politically stable country and certainly safe for tourists. However, visitors are advised to take general precautions for personal safety.

  • If you want to sight see on your own in nearby cities, please check with your guide before you go. If you prefer to explore nature alone, please check with your guides or rangers as the animals at national parks are wild.
  • If you choose to walk at night, some areas are more secure than others. Be cautious.
  • It’s advisable to be practical with attire and jewelry as some of the items may attract things that are not expected. For instance, Tse Tse Flies are attracted to brighter colors.
  • It’s advisable to carry replaceable items, so if they get lost, they can easily be replaced.
  • As you travel, your instincts will guide you on where to go and how close you want to be with wildlife. Please listen and communicate to others about how you feel.