Kitulo Plateau National Park

The Garden of God

Kitulo Plateau National Park – A unique botanical wonderland famously known as “The Garden of God”.

Kitulo Plateau is one of the great flora spectacles of the World. It is the first Park in tropical Africa to be recognized largely for its floristic significance. Known locally as the Serengeti of flowers.

Kitulo Plateau has over 350 species of plants documented to date. These include 45 species of orchids; 31 species endemic to Tanzania; 26 to Kitulo Plateau. The Plateau is home to important bird species including the blue swallow, Denham’s bustard, Njombe Cisticola& Kipengere Seedeater. It is also home to the World’s rarest butterflies.

Information on the Park:

  • Established 2005.
  • 412.9 Square Km (156.902 Sq. Miles).
  • Ranges from 2,000 to 2,900 meter above sea level
  • Has two defined seasons – Dry season from June to mid-October; Wet season from late October to May. June to August is cold and foggy.
  • Kitulo Plateau is the major source of water for the Great Ruaha River.
  • Located Southern Tanzania. 100 Kms from Mbeya Town.

What you will experience in Kitulo Plateau National Park

  • Chilly, high plateau of vast open grassland.
  • The open montane grassland is unique environment for Tanzania.
  • The great Flora spectacle of the World.
  • Endemic species of plants and animals.
  • A heaven for nature-loving tourists specializing in plants.
  • Superb scenery of open grassland, rolling hills, waterfall.
  • Closeness to nature – Guided hiking.
  • Wildflower displays peak between December and April.