Mahale Mountains National Park

Mahale Mountains National Park Mahale is unique within the whole natural world of the African continent. There is no other conservation area anywhere in East Africa where one can find the same variety in nature as Mahale has to offer.

Mahale Mountains National Park boasts of rugged mountains, deep jungles, crystal-clear lake waters and Miombo Savanna where mammals of the plains roam as they please. And all this framed by the most wonderful scenery, while at the other extreme, Mahale is unrivalled in the wealth of its small natural details.  The Park is Tanzania’s most significant refuge for chimpanzees, but as it possesses a unique combination of wildlife fauna, species characteristics of Savanna environments such as the giraffe and the zebra are to be found here as well.

What you will experience in Mahale

  • A chance to watch Chimpanzees in the Wild.
  • A heaven for nature – loving tourists specialized in birds, plants, butterflies, or freshwater fish.
  • Rugged scenery (mountains, waterfalls, a view over the Lake as far as the Congo.
  • An exceptionally varied destination as a whole: opportunities to combine watching the wildlife and enjoying the superb scenery with tranquillity, hiking, mountain treks, Chimp trekking, and diving in the crystal clear waters of the Lake (snorkelling & sport fishing).
  • Boat trips for bird watching.

Information on the Park:

  • Established 1980.
  • 1615 Sq. Km (623 sq. miles). Of this 96 km is part of Lake Tanganyika. The Park has 50 Km. of shoreline.
  • 775 mtrs on the Shore of Lake of Tanganyika to 2,465 mtrs inland.
  • Two well defined seasons – Dry season from mid-May to October/November; Wet season from November to mid-May.
  • Tanzania’s most remote Park.
  • Main access is by Charter flights from Dar es Salaam or Arusha. Also boat ride from Kigoma.

Mahale Park