Lake Manyara National Park

The hidden treasure of the Great Rift Valley and home of the tree climbing lions

Lake Manyara National Park- “The hidden treasure of the Great Rift Valley and home of the tree climbing lions” Manyara is an astonishing oasis in the Great Rift Valley. It is the largest and most diverse area of an evergreen groundwater forest to be found along the Great Rift Valley. This Park is famous for its tree climbing lions, which spend most of the day spread out along branches of Acacia trees.

Information on the Park:

  • Established 1960 (second oldest National Park).
  • 330 Sq. Km of Area (127 Sq. miles) of which 220 Sq. Km (77 Sq. Miles) is covered by the lake.
  • 960 m above sea level (Lake Manyara) to 1,600m (the uppermost point of the Rift Wall in the southern part of the Park).
  • Dry season from late May to October/November; Wet season from October/November to May. Exception is in the groundwater forest area.

What you will experience in Lake Manyara National Park?

  • Unique and conspicuous groundwater forest.
  • Rich flora of the groundwater forest.
  • Amazing profusion of bird life, particularly on the lake shore (migrants and residents).
  • Fascinating elements of the landscape – Rift Valley escarpment.
  • Large herds of elephants, buffalos, tree climbing lions and large troops of Olive baboons.
  • Wide variety of wading birds.
  • Day and Night Game drives; Mountain Bike tours; Forest walks on the escarpment outside the Park.
  • Canoeing on the Lake when water levels are sufficiently high.
  • 115 km. from Arusha (about two hours’ drive – tarmac road).