Tarangire National Park

A meeting of giants

Tarangire National Park – “A meeting of giants” Tarangire National Park gets its name from the river that threads its way through the length of the Park. It is famous for its dense wildlife population which is most spectacular between June and September (the dry period).

During this time thousands of animals (elephants, buffalo, giraffe, eland, hartebeest, kudu, wildebeest, and the rare Oryx etc) migrate from the dry Maasai Steppe to the Tarangire River in search of water.


Tarangire provides a wonderful spectacle of a Savanna environment and a meeting of point of the mightiest components of the African wilderness – where the Savanna is dotted with huge Baobab trees and where the most magnificent herds of African elephants to be found in northern Tanzania are roaming….. By Olli Marttila, The Great Savanna, 2011.


Information on the Park:

  • Established in 1970.
  • 2,850 Sq. km. (1,005 Sq. miles).
  • 900 to 1,100 m. above sea level.
  • Dry season from June to October; Wet season from November to May. Bush fires occur during the dry season.
  • Best season to seeing migratory wildlife is August – October.
  • Located 114 km (75 miles ) from Arusha.

What you will experience in Tarangire?

  • Big herds of migratory mammals of the plains.
  • Rare arid-area species Beisa Oryx, Lesser Kudu, Wild Dog and Gerenuk can be seen.
  • Largest population of elephants to be found in Northern Tanzania and can be seen all year round.
  • Spectacular natural beauty: gently undulating Savanna landscape with majestic baobab trees and river valleys.
  • Guided walking safaris; Hot Air Balloon safaris; Day trips to the Maasai and Barbaig Villages.