Gombe National Park

An Island on the Shore of the Lake

Gombe National Park – “An Island on the Shore of the Lake” Gombe is the smallest national park in Tanzania. The Park is home of numerous primate species (red Colobus, red tail and blue monkeys etc), but supreme among them is the Chimpanzee. The Chimps, their culture, behaviour was studied for the first time ever in this area by the famous Scientist Jane Goodall. The Park is heavily forested making it an unsuitable habitat for carnivores and hence very safe for walking safaris.

I had gone to Gombe to accomplish a specific goal, not to pursue my early preoccupation with philosophy and religion. Nevertheless, those months at Gombe helped to shape the person I am today — I would have been insensitive indeed if the wonder and the endless fascination of my new world had not had a major impact on my thinking. All the time I was getting closer to animals and nature, and as a result, closer to myself and more and more in tune with the spiritual power that I felt all around.

~ Jane Goodall

What you will experience in Gombe

  • A remote Park, accessible by boat.
  • Evergreen forest, Miombo Savanna and Lake Environment.
  • A chance to watch Chimpanzee in the wild. Guided chimpanzee tracking tours into the forest.
  • A heaven for nature-loving tourists specializing in birds, plants, butterflies or freshwater.
  • A diverse destination as a whole: combining observation of wildlife with tranquillity, swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters of the Lake (a spectacular display of freshwater fish).

Information on the Park:

  • Established 1968.
  • A remote Park.
  • 52 Sq. Km(20 Sq. miles)  area with an  adjacent  100 m wide strip of coastal water
  • 16 kms / 10 miles north of Kigoma on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.
  • 775 mtrs on the shoreline to 1500 mtrs inland.
  • Two well defined seasons – Dry season from mid-May to October/November; Wet season from November to mid-May.