Udzungwa Mountains

Udzungwa Mountains

Udzungwa Mountains National Park – One of the World Biodiversity Hotspots “The shining jewel of the Eastern Arc Mountains” Udzungwa is famous for its bio-diversity and unique rainforest where many rare plants, not found anywhere else in the world, have been identified. These range from a tiny African violet to 30 meter high trees. The Park is home to primates, among them the Iringa red Colobus monkey, Sanje Crested Mangabey, elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard.

Information on the Park:

  • Established in 1992.
  • 1990 Square Km (770 sq miles).
  • Ranges from 250 m to 2580 m above sea level.
  • Park area is mainly covered by evergreen forests with no seasonal variation.
  • Some of areas covered by Miombo Savannah and these have two defined seasons – Dry season from May to October; Wet season from October to May.
  • Trekking routes may be difficult during the heaviest rains in March – May.
  • Located 65 Kms (40 miles) South-west of Mikumi.

What you will experience in Udzungwa

  • Diverse forest environments with a hoist of exceptional flora and fauna details.
  • Some monkey and birds endemic to Udzungwa Mountains.
  • A paradise Park for nature – loving tourists specializing in birds, plants or butterflies.
  • Superb scenery – the Sanje Waterfalls and Mountains.
  • Closeness to Nature (Good hiking facilities).
  • Main activity is Guided Hiking along trails; Trekking to the Mountains.
  • Five hours drive from Dar es Salaam (350 Kms / 215 Miles).