Selous Game Reserve

An untamed and super abundant wilderness

Selous Game Reserve – “An untamed and super abundant wilderness” The Reserve with a large concentration of wildlife is famous for the mightiest populations of elephants in East Africa, the biggest populations of buffalo to be seen anywhere on the African continent, also the World’s most significant stronghold for the highly endangered wild dog.

Selous is the largest protected wildlife area in Africa. The Reserve is named after the famous hunter-explorer Fredrick Courtney Selous (1851 – 1917), from Britain. The environment of the Reserve is both striking and diverse, from rolling Miombo ,savannah woodland, thickets, grassland plains, rocky and ruggedness terrain to the several watercourses (Lakes and rivers). This landscape is largely broken up by the mighty Rufiji River, which forms the most extensive catchment area in the whole of East Africa. The river is more than one kilometer wide as it flows into the Indian Ocean. The Rufiji is fed by three main rivers, the Kilombero, Luwegu, and Great Ruaha.

What you will experience in Selous

  • Very wild and pristine nature.
  • Rough but exceptionally beauty of the natural environment.
  • Home of many plain mammals of East Africa.
  • Best chances of seeing a Wild dog.
  • Offers game drives, guide walks, boat safaris along River Rufiji.

Information on the Reserve:

    • Established 1896 (Oldest Game reserve in Africa).
    • 50,000 Sq. Km making it the largest game reserve in Africa and one of the largest in the World.
    • 150m to 1000m above sea level.
    • Dry season from June to October; Wet season from November to May.
    • Best time to visit is June – October.

Game reserve and World Heritage Site, which offers two tourism activities – hunting safaris and photographic safaris.