255 Safaris is proud to present destination Tanzania to you. The following testimonials and facts bear out the view that TANZANIA is where the authentic Safari holiday experience begins and ends……..


 XXXXX (date) ranked Tanzania as possessing the second largest numbers of tourism products behind Brazil…

The Lonely Planet (2011) placed Tanzania in the top ten (10) list of tourism destinations…because “it has the whole panapoly of Africa’s wildlife, concentrated in an unrivalled collection of parks and reserves”

New York Times (2012) ranked Tanzania 7th out of 45 top tourism destinations around the world.

These Testimonials are based on the fact that touring in Tanzania means you can experience….
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[li]The most spectacular wildlife show on earth referred to as the Animal Migration in the Serengeti, National Park. Read more…[/li]
[li]Drive by 4WD up the steep face of a dead volcanic mountain and deep down into its basin and witness the most riveting wildlife animal ecosystem and crater called the Ngorongoro Crater. Read more…[/li]
[li]Take Night game Drives and camp in the wildest and largest national game reserve in Africa the Selous Game Reserve and be thrilled by the sheer numbers and diversities of wildlife as well as botanical tapestry.[/li]
[li]Breath taking mountain climbing up the gentle slopes of the majestic snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro which is not only the highest Mountain in Africa but also the highest single standing Mountain in the World. Or if you are game, take on the steep rugged slopes of Mount Meru, a smaller mountain but far more challenging. Read more…[/li]
[li]The extraordinary history and legacy of the slave trade and some of the World’s greatest civilizations, namely the ancient Swahili/Arab Civilizations in Zanzibar, Bagamoyo and Kilwa Masoko etc. Read more…[/li]
[li]The world famous acheological discoveries and fossil sites at Olduvai Gorge and Laetoli volcanic zones which were made famous by Dr. Louis Leaky and his “nut cracker skull”. Read more…[/li]
[li]The eight World Heritage Sites of Tanzania that have an extraordinary abundance of natural wonders and remarkable history. Read more…[/li]
[li]And meet the most friendly ancient cultures including the Maasai tribes and their remarkable lifestyles. Read more…[/li]
[li]Dream holidays in the most peaceful, relaxing and safe settings that set Tanzania apart from many other destinations. Read more…[/li]


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